I'm a Minnesota native but got to the mountains as fast as I could. I am now a Denver based graphic artist and have been working as a creative in the industry for nearly 9 years. I’ve always had a passion for art and design, and while starting my career as a traditional acrylic painter, I quickly realized that the digital world was the way of the future, so I then geared my focus entirely on digital design. Ever since then, my passion been using my talents to help brings brands to life and to help businesses make their mark. 

Along my career road, I’ve worked as an in-house designer for a start-up magazine, a large corporation, the world’s largest inspection trade association, and as a busy freelance designer. The large corporation environment taught me to juggle multiple clients and to work fast and efficiently. Working in-house, I learned to follow brand guidelines and to be creative, while still maintaining consistency. Lastly, freelancing has strengthened my communication skills with clients and developed my independent problem solving abilities. My combined learnings from these three worlds has given me the experience and confidence to work with amazing clients from near and far.

When I'm not pushing pixels, I love to stay inspired by keeping closely connected with Colorado’s great outdoors and taking a step into mother nature to gain a new and fresh perspective with my wonderful husband, Jared, and our dog Banyan whenever possible.

ⓒ 2018 Cherise Prestipino