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Honey Cutz is a raw post workout supplement that contains only two key, clean ingredients: Honey and

L-Glutamine. No fillers, no additives, no ingredients you can't pronounce. Just the things your body craves for a full, effective post-workout recovery. 


From business conception to the ultimate branding package, I was able to jump start this company's name, tagline, branding, marketing strategy and online presence. Throughout the creative process we identified the consumer journey and theirtarget audience ultimately helping HoneyCutz launch their business with a strong and driven plan. 

Finding Cherise was a blessing! I had an idea for my business and she made my dreams come true. she went above and beyond with the idea and put her own style into it. She does wonders and I highly recommend her when it comes to any kind of design work! I will be using her expert skills when it comes to the growth of my company going forward.

— Leon Duran, Founder & President, HoneyCutz 

ⓒ 2018 Cherise Prestipino